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Unlock the Power of Creativity for Your Talent Strategies

At TalentNet Media, we offer a comprehensive suite of creative services designed to enhance your talent acquisition and employer branding efforts. Our team of skilled professionals specializes in crafting career sites and landing pages that attract and convert. captivating EVPs, revamping job descriptions, developing core values, designing job ad templates, creating engaging social media posts, crafting stunning graphics, producing compelling videos, and much more. With our expertise, you can attract top talent, stand out in the competitive job market, and build a compelling employer brand.

Career Sites That Convert

TalentNet Media helps major employers like JPMorgan Chase, JCPenney, Davita, Siemens, and more to optimize their career sites for searchability, ease of use, removing bias, candidate friendly design, and much more.  We work directly with your ATS or can assist you in choosing a career site tool.  We build custom landing pages as well.

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Enhance Your EVP (Employee Value Proposition)

Your EVP is the foundation of your employer brand. It’s what sets you apart from the competition and defines why top talent should choose you. Our creative experts will collaborate with you to develop a unique EVP that resonates with your target audience. We’ll craft a compelling narrative that showcases your company culture, benefits, growth opportunities, and work-life balance, effectively communicating what makes you an employer of choice. 

“Empathy allows you to put aside your own assumptions about the world to obtain information about people and their needs."

Revamp Your Job Descriptions

Are your job descriptions falling flat and failing to attract the right candidates? Our job description makeovers are designed to captivate and engage potential candidates. We’ll optimize your job descriptions with compelling language, clear expectations, and a strong employer brand voice. By highlighting the key responsibilities, qualifications, and growth potential, we’ll ensure your job descriptions become powerful recruitment tools.

We’ll also help you remove bias and improve SEO, job titles, and more.  

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Develop Core Values that Inspire

Core values are the guiding principles that shape your company’s culture. We’ll work closely with your team to identify and develop core values that resonate with your organization’s mission, vision, and beliefs. Our creative professionals will help you articulate these values in a way that inspires employees, boosts morale, and attracts candidates who align with your company culture.

You were so instrumental – I will be forever grateful.
Ashley Passow
Managing Director, Accenture

Craft Irresistible Job Ad Templates

Stand out from the crowd with eye-catching and persuasive job ad templates. Our talented designers will create visually appealing templates that effectively communicate your employer brand and engage candidates. By incorporating your company’s colors, logo, and unique style, we’ll ensure your job ads make a lasting impression.

Engage on Social Media

In today’s digital age, social media plays a crucial role in talent acquisition and employer branding. Our team of content specialists will
create attention-grabbing social media posts that highlight your company’s culture, perks, and opportunities. From LinkedIn to Instagram, we’ll help you build an online presence that attracts and engages talent across various platforms.

Stunning Graphics for Impactful Branding

Visual content is a powerful tool for conveying your employer brand. Our graphic designers will create visually stunning graphics that align with your company’s branding guidelines. From banners and infographics to illustrations and icons, we’ll ensure your visuals leave a lasting impression and communicate your unique value proposition.

Compelling Videos that Tell Your Story

Capture the attention of potential candidates with captivating videos. Our video production team will create dynamic and engaging videos that showcase your company’s culture, employee testimonials, and day-to-day work environment. Whether it’s an employer brand video or a recruitment campaign, we’ll help you tell your story in a way that resonates with your target audience.