Linkedin Training + Social Strategy


We help individuals and teams to optimize their personal brands and create engaging and search-friendly profiles and connection strategies. Founder, Craig Fisher, is one of the world’s premier Linkedin strategy experts. His digital branding methods have been adopted as internal best practices by Linkedin and are part of the foundation of Linkedin’s “Rock My Profile” station at their Talent Connect Conference. He is also the founder of TalentNet Media and has worked with companies like Toyota, Microsoft, Bell Helicopter, Yum! Brands, MetLife, Hootsuite, T.G.I. Fiidays, Pepsico, PEARSON, FOX News, FedExOffice, The NFL Players Association, and many more on recruiting and sales strategy, outplacement, and brand strategy. He created the first Twitter chat for recruiters and partnered in the first Linkedin-Certified training company in North America. He’s the founder and organizer the largest recruiting conference in Texas and the Southwest, TalentNet Live. He’s been detailed in Entrepreneur, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, and NPR.


Virtual or live Linkedin Training for job seekers, recruiting teams, sales teams, executives and entrepreneurs.


Profile Optimization

Virtual training session to optimize Linkedin profiles to more efficiently find and connect with your target audience or career opportunities. We’ll update your profile in real time so be prepared to make some edits. You’ll also want to work more on your profile after our session so you’ll get a recording for reference. Demonstrate best practices to be credible and engaging when prospects or employers research you – and to rank highly in search results. Demonstrate how recruiters search and what they are looking for.

Content Strategy and Search Optimization

A strategy to share the right content in the right places, at the right times, with your target audience to establish yourself as a trusted resource and subject matter expert

Profile SEO, video creation, article writing, prospect research, and how to be a good network citizen to get eyeballs on your profile.

Personal Brand Amplification

Personal Branding strategy on major platforms, and in user groups.

Using Linkedin, and other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more to find and attract your target audience.

Connection Strategy

Sending the right message to get maximum acceptance and conversion.

The psychology of reading a user’s profile to determine how to best approach them.

Cool Tools

We’ll explore some easy-to-use tools to help implement and automate some of these tactics.


We’ll provide ongoing support and profile review. And we’ll support your content when you post!


“Craig, I stacked my professional experience sections with key words as you instructed last weekend. I had four recruiters at companies reach out to me on Monday by noon. I’ve had three interviews this week and moving to round 2 with two of them. You are a magician! Thank you. I’m sharing your tips broadly. Happy holidays!”

-Former job seeker